TRON reaches two new milestones: 1 million accounts and 100 million contracts

TRON reaches two new milestones: 1 million accounts and 100 million contracts
Dec 29, 2018 by Rico Wise

Currently, the blockchain network of TRON boasts of more than 1 million user accounts and has hit more than 100 million contracts registered.

The number of TRON’s customers, or addresses, is increasing by 10,000-40,000 every day.

The decentralized application report of TRON has given the news about the explosive growth of TRON’s ecosystem. The blockchain is currently accounting for 61 Live DApps, adding 20 of them over the course of just the past week, and one of them is TRON’s new DEX –

Blockchain Cuties, a new collectible decentralized application has also been deployed on TRON Arcade and also on the TRON platform with Justin Sun featuring as one of the collectibles in the form of a rather determined-looking squirrel.

Blockchin Cuties have been deployed on EOS, TRON, and Ethereum platforms. Vlad Tomko, the creator of the project, stated that some of the “cuties” collectibles will be limited to certain blockchains. This is evidently done in order to make the game different from other platforms, and maybe motivate the customers to use the decentralized application on more than one blockchain platform.

With the cryptomarkets staring their bounce back once more, TRON’s TRX currency is ranking 10th by market cap, recording a 12 percent price growth over the past day in comparison to BTC growing by 8 percent and ETH recording 16-percent gains.

The utilization of TRON’s decentralized applications has also increased by almost 50 percent over the past few weeks, which also indicated the growth and development of TRON as a blockchain platform.