TRX coin gets a price boost while BTC value suffers stagnation

TRX coin gets a price boost while BTC value suffers stagnation
Jan 5, 2019 by Rico Wise

Lately, TRON has been reporting all sorts of good news, from hitting significant milestones to an ever-growing quantity of decentralized applications on its mainnet.

The present growth of TRON’s success may be caused by the fact that BitTorrent is going to sell its token via Binance Launchpad. The acquisition of BitTorrent platform has taken place in summer of 2018, and back then, it boosted the value of TRX coin by 17 percent.

Last October, TRON revealed its Project Atlas, which intends to include blockchain technology and digital assets based on blockchain in the BitTorrent platform and its 27 million customer base.

Justin Sun’s blooming cooperation with the chief executive of Binance cryptoexchange, Changpeng Zhao, started in Malta last year. Back then, the TRON Foundation contributed as much as 3 million USD to the Blockchain Charity Foundation established by Binance.

Recently, it has become known that a BitTorrent currency will become one of the first Binance Launchpad projects. Binance referred to BitTorrent’s development as a “game-changing” activity, stating that its protocol empowers the next generation of content providers with the instruments for content distribution directly to other people on the internet. The new BTT coin will let the peers on the BitTorrent network motivate activities that facilitate improved file sharing, such as utilization of faster networks and enabling extended seeding sessions.