TRX gains 53 percent in less than a week – can it keep up the pace?

TRX gains 53 percent in less than a week – can it keep up the pace?
Jan 10, 2019 by Rico Wise

The tron-to-dollar exchange rate has surged towards 0.0.06 USD today, accounting for a 53 percent gain subsequent to registering a streak of five daily buying sessions. On a daily timeframe, the pair had recorded an impressive 13.56 percent gain versus the USD. The confident purchase bias has propelled TRX market cap to skip two ranks, leaving behind the BSV coin as well as the USDT currency.

TRX is also displaying strength versus BTC. Per the aggregate price index, the tron-to-bitcoin exchange reate has increased by 13.15 percent, accounting for 722 satoshis.

The rally seems to have occurred subsequent to the introduction of the BTT digital currency, a dedicated token of the BitTorrent file-sharing network, acquired by Tron in 2018. Per the press release, customers of the file-sharing platform will have the ability to become rewarded in BTT tokens for seeding and sharing the data. The whitepapers claim that the BTT token is TRC10-based, running on Tron’s protocol.

Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive of Binance cryptoexchange, stated that such advancement of Tron is an interesting precedent for studying.

Overall, the advancement seems to have lured some sentimentalists into the Tron marketplace, specifically when the remainder of the dominant currencies encountered problems in their attempts to get to the next targets on the upside. This is explained by the digital currency’s rally versus Bitcoin.