TRX value drops subsequent to allegations of former employee

TRX value drops subsequent to allegations of former employee
Jan 14, 2019 by Rico Wise

Since then, the currency managed to stage a small comeback action. At press time, TRX currency is trading at 0.023 USD, representing an 8.9 percent decline on comparatively high volume.

The firm has been through hell lately. Previous week, BitTorrent’s ex-CSO, Simon Morris, stated that there is no way the Tron mainnet is capable of managing BitTorrent’s increased transaction rate.

Tron has previously made an announcement about its intentions to present the BTT currency, a dedicated BitTorrent Token, via the Binance Launchpad. Tron pointed that BTT would help propelling the mass adoption of blockchain.

Tron is a blockchain network that provides smart contract support and an increased throughput. BitTorrent is a p2p file sharing protocol with more than 100 million customers in 138 countries of the world.

The BTT coin is a digital currency connected to the BitTorrent’s network. As previously reported, Justin Sun, the creator of Tron, performed the acquisition of the file sharing platform for 126 million USD last year.

Simon Morris, an ex-executive, dismissed the project, claiming he does not buy into all the hype around it. Morris also dissed Justin Sun himself, accusing him of being technologically incompetent. As Morris spread his news full of skepticism, the price of TRX currency started plunging.

Even though Sun has not responded to Morris’s spiteful comments, a Reddit user did, thrashing Morris as the one being incompetent in this situation, as he points at the issues, which he was the one person whose job was to deal with.