Ubbey Box to oust Dropbox and iCloud from the data storage market

Ubbey Box to oust Dropbox and iCloud from the data storage market
Jun 1, 2018 by Rico Wise

Recently, plenty of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have taken part in the Consensus conference held in New York. As one of its many participants, Universal Labs, represented by its creator, Keda Che, shared some plans of the company’s future goals.

The founder told that Ubbey Box, created by Universal Labs, has the potential to not only seriously compete with such data storage providers as Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud, but even went as far as to say it would kill them.

Ubbey Box is a blockchain cloud drive solution, which can be utilized to serve as a network node for another Universal Labs’ project called Ubbey Network. This network is basically supporting a blockchain developed to enable digitalization of asset possession.

Ubbey Box already serves two purposes. It can be utilized as a personal cloud device to store various content and freely access it from any point in the world. The other use case for the Ubbey Box is a YOU coin mining machine. Users are awarded with the token in return for contributing their storage space to the Network.

With Ubbey Box’s accessibility, customers can relieve themselves from using iCloud services and opt for better protection provided by Ubbey. Apple’s system suffers security issues due to its centralization, which is something Ubbey Box is very far from. Its decentralization means that it is completely invulnerable to hackers’ attacks.

Keda Che believes that if the existing competitor companies are not going to adapt to the newest technologies, they will simply become left behind.

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