University of Bahrain will engage in issuance of diplomas using Blockcerts

University of Bahrain will engage in issuance of diplomas using Blockcerts
Jan 14, 2019 by Rico Wise

Per local media reports, the university introduces the Blockcerts in cooperation with Learning Machine, a project developed to present a platform for issuance of verifiable official records utilizing a blockchain-focused format.

As previously reported, the government of Bahrain has underlined the necessity of blockchain innovations in order to facilitate the development of the domestic economy, at the same time stressing the matter of cybersecurity vigilance. Abdulhussain Mirza, the Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs of Bahrain, stated that blockchain’s capability to keep customers’ data protected is a true sign of progress, specifically because of the possibility to apply the innovation in various industries, as well as cybersecurity.

The said initiative commenced by the University of Bahrain is claimed to be a part of the overall digitization campaign for mobile students.

Previously, there were reports of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology issuing a blockchain-focused digital certificates platform as well, allowing over 100 graduates to take part in the pilot initiative back in October 2017. Analysis findings showed that MIT has begun issuing diplomas on the Bitcoin blockchain via its Blockcerts network, in order to distribute academic credentials as well as make sure that they are tamper-proof and immutable.