​Volatility of the cryptomarkets is ongoing - analysis

​Volatility of the cryptomarkets is ongoing - analysis
Aug 28, 2018 by Rico Wise

The digital currency markets have experienced another try to recover, with all the dominant digital currencies growing in prices.

The markets are returning to their green positions after some time spend with the downtrends. Coins such as MIOTA, ADA, and EOS have all received the largest gains amongst the top-10 currencies, whereas BTC has broken through the 6,700 USD level. The majority of the ten dominant currencies are experiencing only small gains ranging from 1% to 2%.

The world’s dominant digital currency, Bitcoin, is trading at 6,934 USD, up by a few percent over the last couple of days, with weekly revenue at approximately 5%.

ETH coin has seen a similar increase pattern, with its price increasing by a little bit less than 1%. ETH is trading at 275 USD, with a 1.5% growth over the last week, but down the whole 41% over the month.

Overall market capitalization is indicating the rising momentum, increasing by several billions in a few hours.

The biggest gains were experienced by IOTA of all 10 dominant digital currencies by market capitalization, constituting 8.3% increase and trading at 0.60 USD. The price of the token has jumped over the last few days subsequent to the news of IOTA collaborating with Fujitsu, a technological colossus from Japan, which intends to assist IOTA in making its protocol the new standard.

The only currency of the 20 most dominant ones that decreased in value is the Tether stablecoin.