Waves enters top-20 digital currencies in the wake of market decline

Waves enters top-20 digital currencies in the wake of market decline
Dec 16, 2018 by Rico Wise

Today, Waves has briefly entered the top-20 dominant digital currencies by market cap, although it dropped back to 22nd place while other currencies recorded gains. Waves currently account for approximately 245 million US dollars of market capitalization, which is its peak since mid-summer.

Waves is a blockchain network allowing businesses and devs to design their own customized currencies. It is running its own decentralized cryptoexchange that allows cryptotrading for these customized tokens along with mainstream digital currencies such as BTC, LTC, and XMR. Currently there are 69 coins available for trading at the Waves’ cryptoexchange, with the company claiming that more than 20,000 customized currencies are being utilized on the platform.

It has recently been reported that the company upgraded its mobile wallet by implementing credit card purchases of WAVES coins for further trading into BTC or other tokens at its own decentralized cryptoexchange. This update was viewed as one having potential to spark interest in the currency, which still might be plausible. As per data from CoinMarketCap, the cryptotrading volume on the Waves DEX has grown as well.

Waves has already implemented smart contracts to the network earlier this September. Currently it is introducing smart assets and smart account trading functionality, which are scheduled for implementation subsequent to the cryptominers’ vote.