What makes EON so popular with EOS financiers

What makes EON so popular with EOS financiers
Jun 21, 2018 by Rico Wise

Subsequent to the launch of EOS mainnet, the customers have begun to experience airdrops more frequently, including EON among those, which is often dubbed as the most expensive digital sweet ever.

What is EON? According to the information on their website, it is a smart fast blockchain processing system. It channels the power of an entire computing power of the network for unique synchronization technologies that make it possible to exceed 100,000 transactions per second with ease. The network requests are completed just as easily and in no time. These features are an ultimate solution for the EOS mainnet, which suffers from multiple requests occurring during a single transaction.

With growing number of nodes all over the world, EON will be able to reach more than 1 million transactions per second.

At the moment, the majority of blockchain projects are only in their conceptual phases and have not yet been implemented from a commercial standpoint. EON, on the contrary, has got down to business already. It uses EOS to integrate distributed calculation with conventional technologies, as the likes of virtualization, network storage, load balancing etc. to enhance the existing network in such a way that allows the EOS ecosystem evolve.

EON has already become the nextgen swift blockchain system that has once and for all solved the main weak point of EOS.