XMR news: Digital currency developer becomes an award winner

XMR news: Digital currency developer becomes an award winner
Nov 18, 2018 by Rico Wise

Professor Joseph Liu is the designer and leading developer of the ring signature algorithm, which is an underlying technology utilized in Monero currency, originally devised and set forth in a paper back in 2004.

As per Liu’s quote, he is honored to become the award winner of the Australian Computer Society, which is the biggest professional authority in Australia to represent ICT branch.

RingCT, the name by which the algorithm is more commonly known, has become the most popular development because of its application in Monero, which has become the most popular for its focus on anonymity.

Liu also pointed that he received no recognition from Monero upon the implementation of his algorithm. Currently, XMR is one of the top-10 dominant digital currencies with market capitalization accounting for 1.4 billion US dollars.

The ACS Digital Distribution Awards 2018 is the most recent of a yearly event providing the recognition of achievements of different people individually or in teams all over Australia. ACS was established back in 1966. Among its latest notable achievements, ACS entered the World Economic Forum this September. The team of judges consists of many high-profile people in the ICT sector, ensuring the competence of the jury.