XRP adds 21 percent to its value, recovering its 2nd place among cryptos

XRP adds 21 percent to its value, recovering its 2nd place among cryptos
Nov 26, 2018 by Rico Wise

The ripple-to-dollar trading pair has hit 0.399 USD today on BitFinex cryptoexchange. Meanwhile, the market capitalization of the digital currency approached 15.61 billion dollars, reclaiming the place of the second biggest digital currency on the globe.

Cory Johnson, the chief marketing strategist at Ripple has extended his dialogue regarding how Ripple is better than BTC. To lure in potential XRP holders, he stated that BTC is more centralized because of extreme influence from the cryptomining community of China, thus referring to BTC as a poorly developed technology.

Still, the correction recorded by Ripple happened without confident support, therefore putting its sustainability in question. The worst-case scenario here would be a bear pennant formation that displays the decline, which continues. The best scenario for the digital currency would be that it started moving towards an extended recovery, given the fact that XRP has shown the least amount of bad performance during the bearish movement that affected the whole cryptomarket.

To see where this currency is truly heading, we have to monitor the XRP daily chart more closely within the upcoming days. There is a good chance that XRP might stabilize and extend to the closest resistance level prior to a possible pullback.