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0x (ZRX) to USD price calculator


0x (zero-x) is based on the blockchain of Ethereum (ETH) Protocol, which is using the technology of smart contracts allows for the decentralized exchange of digital assets and tokens. In addition, it can be used to develop platforms that perform financial transactions with coins based on Ethereum. Makers and takers use the token 0x (ZRX) for the remuneration of members of the network, which contain and update their data in the so-called public logs for bids (release). Coins sites are used to control the instrumentation upgrades, upgrading and replacing certain components of the Protocol.

The algorithm is designed to simplify peer-to-peer token exchange erc20 and can be used as a reference standard. Zero-x will allow you to communicate with each other decentralized AT the responsible for the exchange operations. To run developed trading system is accessible and completely free smart contracts can connect to any cryptocurrency app. This method of control allows you to safely and with a high degree of reliability to integrate changes to the underlying Protocol without affecting the users of the site. How to buy currency 0x?You can buy ZRX coin at the stock exchange. The stock market shows the perspective of the coin. Price in USD always varies like any other cryptocurrency. The value and price of 0x chart you can track on diffrent stock markets.

The project was financed by companies such as Pantera Capital, Blockchain Capital, as well as several large investment funds from China. All depositors receive a discount on future coins in the amount of 30%.

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Цена 0x сегодня – 0.3002 долларов США, цена изменилась на -0.76% за сутки. Капитализация ZRX составляет 299.80 M долларов США к 2019-11-12. Самая низкая цена за 24 часа была 0.299900 долларов США, наивысшая стоимость за сутки составляла 0.312100 долларов. Оборот 0x за 24 часа – 4.7 М долларов

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