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Status Network Token (SNT) to USD price calculator


Cryptocurrency Status - telegrams from the world of the blockchain. Status is a digital currency that simultaneously connects a messaging platform and a mobile browser, giving users the opportunity to work with decentralized software based on Ethereum. Platform participants can dispose of personal data, network identity and material savings. Also, the resource has its own internal token — SNT. The coin will be needed to perform various operations on the service. How to buy SNT currency? You can buy Status coin at the stock exchange. Actual price in USD is always available in different stock markets.

Status represents the analogue of the messenger Telegram, which is built based on the technology of the blockchain. Messages sent in it are encoded not by a centralized server, but by a network of blockchains. Moreover, the registration process does not even require a mobile phone. Sufficient generated cryptographic key, outstanding for authorization. The application is an integrated browser, trading platform, a software interface for automatic creation of smart contracts and functionality that allows you to participate in any crowdsale by pressing 2 buttons.

Status is an extraordinarily promising digital project that promises to bring the era of complete financial independence in all areas of online life of the modern man. The user will be able to implement any initiative, avoiding all sorts of hacks and without leaving the safe zone Ethereum.

График цены Status Network Token

Цена Status Network Token сегодня – 0.02257 долларов США, цена изменилась на 2.93% за сутки. Капитализация SNT составляет 153.08 M долларов США к 2019-03-22. Самая низкая цена за 24 часа была 0.021680 долларов США, наивысшая стоимость за сутки составляла 0.022810 долларов. Оборот Status Network Token за 24 часа – 6.5 М долларов

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