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Начинается 15.10.2018
Заканчивается 15.12.2018
ICO уже завершено

BDChain is the world's initially decentralized enormous information and machine learning system fueled by a registering driven blockchain. As it were, BDChain is an open chain, means to outline a stage to unravel calculation of enormous information in a decentralized environment.

For effortlessness, we could utilize BDChain to store and exchange enormous information, in order to make information more significant with the calculation.

Four noteworthy advancements influence BDChain to emerge from other blockchain extends and existing big data services:

CDP (Computacion Data Provable):

Another decentralized figuring system to present the Provable Information Registering and confirmation amusement

Chains-on-blockchain Architecture:

Another chains-on-blockchain configuration to coordinate a master chain and two side chains - information side chain and figuring side chain

Support business data exchange and analytics: Flexible and powerful BDChain-based system architecture, dedicatedly designed to support most business data exchange and data analytics requirements

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