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Заканчивается 30.09.2018
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Comox Valley Lawncare is now selling 1,000,000 tokens with proposed ticker (LAWN) on various ethereum exchanges. If your interested in getting in on purchasing some tokens you can do so right away here. Our current strategy is mining bitcoin which makes up the majority of our revenues with this new addition to our plan by mining we plan on getting on the ground level of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a growing success and bitcoin mining farms are popping up everywhere in the world we plain on leveraging the power of bitcoin to invest in this lucrative market.

Bitcoin is the infrastructure of the future. We are motivated by the success of the platform and hope you too will be amazed how rapidly companies are adopting the bitcoin platform for payments. Making payments fast and efficient allows the bitcoin platform to get your costs down when it comes to transaction costs. The fees are slowly becoming 0 over time to ensure that bitcoin transactions are fast and efficient. Now lets mine some coin! We will mine bitcoin for you on your behalf if you want buy utilizing the amazing bitcoin network you too can earn with the exclusive system.

Every business has a beginning, and it all started for us in 2012 where we slugged out the old mower and mowed lawns and all this time got us to thinking that we could be mining bitcoin! Bitcoin the new payment transfer system is taking over the world due to the low transaction fees and proving payments to people in even the most remote parts of the world. Lets get on board with a company dedicated to mining bitcoin and cryptocurrency! We will mine coin for you just let us know what it is you want to mine and we will find a cost effective way for you too see your investments grow with bitcoin!

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