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Начинается 01.03.2018
Заканчивается 31.05.2018
ICO уже завершено

Dank Signals is an user-friendly conglomerate of exposure to crypto-currency trading knowledge & experience, an investment platform and intregrated leasing options for artificial intelligence crypto trading services. Utilising Dank Signals, users will learn the roots of crypto-currency and fully understand market trends and analysis. We will dive into details to ensure new members fully understand the ins and outs of digital assets - from security, to trading strategies, technical analysis understanding and profitability options & protection and much much more!

By allowing users the ability to lease our automated trading services & tools directly helps to remove the probability of human error from their executions, excludes emotional decisions caused by in-experience and more importantly saves you from having to memorise complex trading strategies & learning/testing these new abilities at the same time on a live-market with real funds.

The trading tools allows individuals more time in their daily routines are they can escape the tight attention grasp that crypto-trading consumes. Members can choose from a wide range of options, whether they choose to invest funds directly to the platform to receive weekly dividends based on their investment tier, purchase and utilise the trading tools directly on 4 major trading exchanges via API configuration, following our public trade signals in our chat group, or earning directly by referring friends.

Dank Signals is working to ensure you are always able to generate revenue, even while you sleep!