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The Future of Football on Blockchain. FIFA (First Internet Football Association) is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization formed by football fans around the world. It is an all-new social platform that is built to operate seamlessly on the blockchain technology. As FIFA advocates for decentralization, anonymity and trustless consensus, it guarantees a more transparent and trustworthy operation.

FIFA is an entirely different and unique approach that has never been seen on the Blockchain platform. It is essentially a social experiment based on passion and trust.

The FIFA core team is made up of a group of football enthusiasts from different countries. It is based on the passion of football and the recognition of blockchain.

As FIFA sets to skyrocket after the launch, the company aims to create a new football ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of building a decentralized self-made organization centered on football fans and also penetrate into various application fields such as commerce, finance, gambling, lottery and gaming. In this ecosystem, everyone is free and equal as the system is set to provide financial incentives for everyone; the geeks at FIFA core team will make all this possible.

Our goal is to allow tens of millions of users use Ethereum to achieve a totally anonymous, decentralized, and trustworthy experience on the biggest human game ever! This application will draw the largest traffic on Ethereum of 2018 and set a standard for the entire blockchain network.

The FIFA team have achieved outstanding progress in blockchain football betting and blockchain lottery. You do not have to wait for months to see the development. Instead, you can take part in this exceptional experience by visiting our website very soon.

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