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Заканчивается 30.03.2018
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FintechFans is a company that uses in its development the technology of block chains for the provision of various services in the financial sphere. They try to make the most of the advantages of decentralization, which leads to the isolation of third parties from the transaction process, a significant reduction in service fees, as well as an increase in the level of protection of personal information. Of course, in order to function properly, they needed to create their own crypto currency, which became one of the multiple altcoins. Before entering the market, they made pre-sales, and in April 2018 went to Initial Coin Offering.

It's no secret that the ico process is not always profitable, it's a big risk. This is evidenced by the data from the list of cryptocurrency ICOs, you can view them to discover icos more. There is also a large amount of resources with ico analysis (ico alert). They contain in themselves all the information that relates to this process, namely ico review, token sale review, ico rating, token sale rating, list of icos, and many more.

The FintechFans decentralized job marketplace. The way the contracters' staffing industry works nowadays is sub-par: Recruiters are an all-powerful man-in-the-middle. They drive up prices, harming quality of work in the end. They have to be very secretive about the professionals in their network to ensure they will be paid for placement, endangering the quality of selection on the company's side.

We envision a world where professionals have a profile that is not the result of centralized assessment and review. Instead, it is a detailed historical overview of all activities within the field of work. Because transactions and performed jobs are logged in a decentralized datastore, participants of the platform can use their own methods and tools for assessment of quality. For example: data can be interpreted in such a way that companies select specialists that meet their requirements of prior work experience. Whereas specialists can select companies that have the reputation of paying 50% upfront.

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