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INLOCK is a lending platform, which enables cryptocurrency holders to manage short term liquidity problems by taking a loan, using their existing cryptocurrencies as collateral. What’s more, accredited lenders can use INLOCK to provide risk-free loans to cryptocurrency holders.

Since the cryptocurrency collateral can be converted to FIAT currency immediately, the risks involved for the lender party are almost identical to a bank deposit but with higher interest rates and profit potential.

The credit transactions are established between the two parties directly. INLOCK merely acts as intermediary to record the terms of the agreement. These terms are established in a smart contract, making every credit contract between parties immutable and impossible to manipulate.

The Borrower is able to set their own conditions using our platform such as the amount and lock-in period duration based on their needs. Furthermore, the risk level for exchange rate fluctuations is also customizable. Overall, the process is fast and seamless and eliminates the need for additional credit checks since the borrower provides collateral, which offers rapid and flexible convertibility.

Thus, the INLOCK platform does not only solve the spendability problem for cryptocurrency holders, but also serves as a gateway to the booming cryptocurrency market for institutional investors, as lenders.

Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/INLOCK/

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