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Utilizing MedChain’s blockchain and software, heathcare providers can have near-instant access to medical records of new patients, and could potentially save several billion dollars each year in fines associated with data breaches.

Patient dApps built on the MedChain platform are being developed for iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and desktop. Always providing users with the most up-to-date information, including medical test results, medical history, and documentation patients are entitled to under HIPAA and EMR guidelines.

In addition to being inefficient, today’s EMR systems are fraught with risk. These systems are regular targets of fraud and sources of data breaches that not only jeopardize patient confidentiality but also cost healthcare providers significant resources annually.

The promise of electronic medical records has not materialized for one major reason: Medical record companies and health providers have implemented systems that are not interoperable. Many would say this was done on purpose because it meant they could lock up customers by making it time consuming and expensive to change systems. And even worse, they made it very difficult (sometimes impossible) for patients to get their own data quickly, cheaply, and in an easily accessible digital format.

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